About Us

We're K-NU Toys, we aspire to be the go-to shop for all things for customizers - providing high-quality soft good suits, supplies and tips & tricks to make customizing easier for everyone.


Over the years, customizing has been one of our favorite hobbies - but we noticed there is a lack of quality supplies and tips & tricks dedicated to this industry. We want to change that so that this hobby can be accessible to anyone who wants to start.

Our Founders:

Christian Milano | Chief Product Designer

Christian has been collecting since he was a child, his favorite character is Batman. Throughout the many years of collecting, he began customizing 1:12 scale action figures specializing in soft-good suits. He noticed there were certain characters that he wanted that just weren't available yet or not available with soft-goods. 

He produces high quality soft good suits, but that wasn't always the case. He struggled at first finding the right fabric, vinyl, and tools needed to accomplish certain projects. Over time, he taught himself new skills with very little help from anyone and a lot of trial and error. Now, he's confident to share his work with the world and help others who are experiencing similar struggles.

His goal is to create the ultimate action figure focusing on quality. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated with his recent projects: @milanochristian

Jessica Jager | Chief Marketing & Operations Officer 

Jessica is a marketing professional focused on growing brands online, specifically on Amazon. Jessica always wanted to start her own online store, but never knew which market to turn to. When Christian, Jessica's husband, came to her with his idea to do a small run of certain figure she took it as an opportunity to start a shop.

After seeing her husband struggle over the years trying to find certain materials or getting frustrated that he can't figure out why his vinyl won't stick, she came up with the idea to be the go-to spot for customizing action figures. She wants to be able to provide a place where people interested in this hobby can learn tips & tricks and get the right sourced materials for these small scale figures.

KN-U Toys is here to inspire people to create. We believe everyone who wants to start customizing shouldn't have to struggle so hard finding the right materials or even get basic advice. We have big, exciting plans and can't wait to share it all with the community!